Portavoz de grupo CARSO dice a Frankreport que Carlos Slim no intervino con Clinton para ayudar a Emiliano Salinas a evitar la acusación


Diario 19 / 25 de mayo de 2019



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Spokesperson Tells Frank Report Carlos Slim Did Not Intervene With Clintons to Help Emiliano Salinas Avoid Indictment

Carlos Slim’s office requests official clarification from Frank Report

Carlos Slim Helú , 79, is the fifth-richest person in the world, according to Forbes’ listing of The World’s Billionaires, with him and his family having a net worth estimated at $63.1 billion.

He derived his fortune from his holdings in a number of Mexican companies through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso.

And Frank Report received correspondence this week from none other than the Corporate Communication Manager of Grupo Carso – Renato Flores Cartas, who wrote to inform me and my associate editor, Joe O’Hara, that a story I had written was incorrect.

That story is Source: Billionaire Carlos Slim trying to buy off Emiliano Salinas’ indictment via Clinton.

In that story, published in September 2018, which Slim’s spokesman says is ‘fake news’, I reported that a source said, “Discussions are ongoing between the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Clinton Foundation about a multi-million dollar payment … a back-room deal to buy away the threatened indictment of Emiliano Salinas by U.S. DOJ prosecutors in the NXIVM criminal racketeering case”. 

My source went on to say, “One of the points of contention in the discussions is  – if the donation is made to the Clinton Foundation by Slim  – can the Clintons deliver enough influence peddling to guarantee the indictment will be withheld? It is unknown what $$ amount may be in play or may have already changed hands between the Slim Foundation and the Clinton Foundation regarding this matter.”
It is a matter of record that Emiliano Salinas has been named as a criminal coconspirator of Keith Raniere in the trial of Raniere, but Salinas was not indicted.
During the trial, [on May 14] lead prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney Moira Kim Penza made a flat-out declaration about Emiliano Salinas’ criminality. She said, “So one of the email accounts appears to have been created by Emiliano Salinas, who the government alleges, is a coconspirator.”
Regardless of whether Emiliano is a criminal or whether he will ever be charged, Carlos Slim’s spokesperson says that my report about the billionaire’s intervention with the Clintons to save Emiliano is pure bunk, is “fake news.”
Here is precisely what Renato Flores Cartas wrote to me:

May 21, 2019

Mr. Frank Parlato,

Editor in Chief, www.frankreport.com

I am writing to you about your information “Source: Billionaire Carlos Slim trying to buy off Emiliano Salinas’ indictment via Clinton”.

All references in this information about Mr. Carlos Slim is absolutely false, based solely on speculation and we were never been consulted previously, according to the minimum journalistic standards.

Relations between Carlos Slim Foundation and Clinton Foundation start since 2008. On this year, bout Institution and the Canadian businessman, Frank Giustra, created a Found to social investment in México, Colombia and Peru, the resources never have a United States as destination.

According with this information we ask you the full clarification in your website of this of that fake news.


Renato Flores Cartas,

Corporate Communication Manager, Grupo Carso.


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Portavoz le dice a Frank que Carlos Slim no intervino con Clinton para ayudar a Emiliano Salinas a evitar la acusación